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Posted on:2019-06-17T15:30:32Z
The tournament was headlined by streamers and celebrities like Ninja, Marshawn Lynch, Tfue, and Josh Hart, but the ultimate winners of Epic Games’ 2019 tournament were Airwaks and RL Grime.
Zamazenta pokemon sword shield
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Posted on:2019-06-17T15:33:30Z
Pokémon Sword and Shield won’t include the full National Pokedex, which has upset some fans — especially those who think it wouldn't take that long to import more creatures into the game. This misconception sparked a fantastic trend on Twitter where artists try to make polished Pokémon in only five minutes. Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released Nov. 15 on Nintendo Switch.
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Posted on:2019-06-17T15:59:49Z
Loads of new details on Cyberpunk 2077. Here’s the latest on Keanu Reeves’ character, romance options, and how the landscape of Night City has changed since the original tabletop role-playing game. Cyberpunk 2077 will be released April 16, 2020, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
Switch pokemonswordpokemonshield e3 screen 10
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Posted on:2019-06-17T16:00:00Z
Pokémon Sword and Shield embrace the Nintendo Switch’s console functionality by making the battles as big as possible, from adding gigantic Dynamax Pokémon to massive gym battles. Pokémon Sword and Shield have a Nov. 15 release date.
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Posted on:2019-06-17T16:30:00Z
Tetris inventor Alexey Pajitnov talks about why his game is still so popular, and where it might go in the future.
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Posted on:2019-06-17T16:40:00Z
Fortnite’s upcoming Flare Gun is certain to be helpful when players get it, but we don’t know exactly how. Based on the trailer, it seems like it may give players a Supply Llama. Epic Games revealed the new weapon at the Summer Block Party.
Jbareham 190311 0850 episode 0001 nwm
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Posted on:2019-06-17T17:00:00Z
Episode on Android and iOS is known for its rom-com stories and choose-your-own-adventure dialogue. But the app hides a thriving community of young women who are learning to create, promote, and expand gaming empires using the app’s tools.
Screen shot 2019 06 17 at 12.12.12 pm
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Posted on:2019-06-17T17:10:00Z
Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, showed off a Fortnite cartoon during the Summer Block Party — and it’s the first time we’ve gotten to hear characters with actual voice acting. Given the pace at which the game is going, this is likely the start of a full-on cinematic world for Fortnite.
D2 moon 01
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Posted on:2019-06-17T17:33:17Z
Bungie recently announced a new era for Destiny coming this fall. The biggest offering is Shadowkeep, the game’s 2019 expansion set on the Moon. Players will defeat old enemies on the Moon and re-enter the Black Garden for a new raid. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be released Sept. 17 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and is also coming to Google Stadia.
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