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Minecraft rtx dxr ray tracing 003 on 3840
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Posted on:2019-08-19T07:00:00Z
Minecraft developer Mojang is working with Nvidia to implement real-time ray tracing in the Windows 10 version of the game, the companies announced Monday ahead of Gamescom 2019. There’s no release date for Minecraft RTX yet, but it’s scheduled to be available sometime within the next year.
Apex legends octane kicking mirage 2048
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Posted on:2019-08-18T15:48:54Z
After Respawn Entertainment reversed itself on Iron Crown skins and loot boxes late Friday, developers took to the game’s subreddit to explain and apologize for the situation. That quickly deteriorated into open insults of players of the free-to-play game.
Wow classic westfall 3840x2160
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Posted on:2019-08-18T16:46:35Z
Blizzard has been taking character name registrations for World of Warcraft Classic in advance of its Aug. 27 launch, and unless people start moving servers, the Herod realm will face login queues of 10,000 or more, a community manager said.
Screen shot 2019 08 18 at 1.25.01 pm
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Posted on:2019-08-18T17:30:09Z
YouTuber Mustard remade the entire overworld and nine dungeons of the original Legend of Zelda in Fortnite Creative. Here he gives a tour of the world and how to solve the dungeon puzzles.
2019 nba 2k league draft chiquitae126 photo 2400
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Posted on:2019-08-17T17:53:09Z
With only one woman on its 21 teams, the NBA 2K League is holding a four-day development camp for 15 top female NBA 2K players, in hopes of adding more to the league for the next season.
Superhot goty.0
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Posted on:2019-08-17T20:17:30Z
Rumor has it Superhot, the 2016 indie FPS/puzzle game, is coming to Nintendo Switch and will be announced during an indie-focused Nintendo Direct on Monday, Aug. 19.
Nba live 19 joel embiid squad 3840
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Posted on:2019-08-17T22:29:30Z
Almost two weeks before NBA 2K20 is set to launch and there is no word of NBA Live 20, only that it has been moved to a release between October and December. This revisits the series’ bad old days, after two years of solid launches.
76 vault94 reactor 1920x1080
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Posted on:2019-08-17T14:41:35Z
Vault 94 will be Fallout 76’s first instanced dungeon, and it opens on Tuesday, Aug. 20 for PC players. If all goes well, PS4 and Xbox One players will get it in the following days.
Vlcsnap 2018 06 10 16h02m26s383
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Posted on:2019-08-17T15:33:47Z
Tim Longo, also director of 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, was reassigned elsewhere in 343 Industries last week and left the company this week, Kotaku reports.
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